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Many people are not aware of the exact process of getting a marriage registered. Everybody should have knowledge on how to register for marriage which requires under different situations.

As per the Indian Marriage Code of conduct there are two categories of marriage (i) The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and (ii) The Special Marriage Act 1954

If the husband and wife both are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs then marriage is registered under the Special Marriage Act 1954.

A couple who has already done their marriage as per their religious rituals and they are applying to register later will entitle under the Special Marriage Act 1954.

Procedure for Register your Marriage- Approach the sub-divisional Magistrate whose jurisdiction lies in the colony/ area of either husband or wife.

Important Documents for registration for marriage

  • Application form duly signed by husband as well as wife.
  • Date of Birth Certificate of both parties (Matriculation Certificate, Passport/ Birth Certificate) Under the Special Marriage Act minimum age of both parties is 21 years at the time of registration.
  • Two passport sixe photographs of both the parties along with one marriage photographs.
  • Marriage Invitation Card required if it available.
  • Affidavit by both the parties stating nationality, date of marriage, date of birth, place of marriage and marital status at the time of marriage.
  • In respect of Special Marriage Act, regarding stay in Delhi documentary evidence of both parties for more than 30 days (Ration Card or report from the concern SHO)
  • A certificate from the priest is required if marriage was solemnized in religious place.
  • As per Hindu Marriage Act an affirmation that the parties are not related to each-other within the prohibited relations.
  • 150 in case of Special Marriage Act and Rs. 100 in case of Hindu Marriage Act to be deposited with the cashier of District and the receipt should be attached along with the application form.
  • In case of a divorcee then attested copy of divorce decree whereas in case of widow/widower, death certificate of spouse is required.

The principle point of marriage dispute has to do with marriage between two people of same sex usually referred to as same sex marriage or gay marriage. These are now recognized by law in a growing countries that are currently recognized in a varying cultures, place religions as well as system of law. It also allows different acts of law according to the place and religions. We have an experienced team having years of experience deals with different controversies created in marriage life.

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