Privacy Policy

All data and content including the name, email address, telephone numbers or any of date which has either been collected by Legal Aid during the course of creation of an attorney or intentionally / voluntarily submitted by our clients on our website will be kept confidential by using reasonable technical protection procedure. The personal data may be used by us for the purpose of training, our newsletter. It may share for point of legal updates and knowledge based resource view. The personal date will not be shared by Legal Aid with any third party/ parties for point of promotional view. Without the consent of concern person. These data will be shared to our authorized or associate party or parties without any consent of the relevant person for the purpose of providing our requirements and technical facilities.

The recipients of the legal information may opt out at any time by clicking on the button “unsubscribe”. Based on this request Legal Aid will restrict and delete use of their personal data from our database but in that case recipient shall stop receiving the legal information from our side time to time. Legal Aid shall also contractually ensure in such case that the authorized third parties follow suit and delete the personal data of the withdrawing recipient from our own database.

It is hereby clarified that Legal Aid as well as its authorized third parties shall continue to retain the personal data of the recipients of the legal information, until a request for doing so is specially received by us.

Cooke Policy

This website may use cookies for accessing internet protocol (IP) address information, browser type and access time. Such cookies may also be used for knowing more about the king of information that users may required by canalizing website traffic. However a user has the option of notifying and accepting or rejecting cookies.


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