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A marriage certificate is an official written statement of two people who are married. A marriage certificate is issued by a government official after the marriage. In other words, it is a license of two marriage people.

This certificate may require for a number of reasons as evidence. In India under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act 1954 marriages can be registered. Since this is the legitimate proof of marriage therefore it has made mandatory for safeguarding the constitutional rights of women. It is beneficial for both parties.

Reason of obtaining Marriage Certificate

As we aware after the marriage surname of the woman is changed as per the her husband. Post marriage when we apply for a passport or opening a bank account with a new surname here marriage certificate is essential to proof your new surname.  Except above marriage certificate is required at as following:-

  • If you want to change name or Surname post marriage.
  • On legitimacy of a child issue;
  • At the time of divorce proceedings;
  • In case you are not primarily declared a nominee for claim related to property;
  • To claim life insurance in the event of mishap;
  • During the time of applying visa for travel to foreign countries, those relevant embassies required a copy of marriage certificate.

Steps involved in Registration of Marriage.

There is a checklist available which is/are required along with the application of marriage certificate.

Assignment of case manager – A case manager will be assigned to speed up the process of marriage registration which is mandatory before issuing marriage certificate.

Verification of Documents: All documents enclosed by you along with your documents will be verified.

Affidavit Drafting – A separate affidavit is required for both husband and wife and so our team will send you the draft of affidavit for your sign. You need to sign it and send it back to us.

Application Drafting and Submitting

As per details provided and duly signed by you we will file your online application on the portal. Then our responsible manager will submit the application along with documents at the office of marriage registrar under the jurisdiction as following: –

  • Where the husband resides;
  • Where the wife resides;
  • Place of solemnization of the marriage;

After submission of application as stated above the expert will request you to visit the office of marriage registrar according to your convenience.

Registration of Marriage

You spouse will accompany with two or three witnesses of your marriage to the office of marriage registrar on the scheduled date and it will complete the registration procedure in the presence of marriage registrar.

Marriage Certificate After the completion of stated as above procedure of registration your marriage certificate will be issued.

Our team having years of experience has already handled more than 1000 case successfully. Therefore we ensure you to choose us to avail our services under time-line.

Husband and Wife- Application Form

  • Age Proof (Any of the following): School/College Leaving School, Birth Certificate, Passport, Domicile Certificate or SSC/HSC Certificate
  • Proof of Residence (Any of the following): Ration Card, Election Card, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Passport or Aadhar Card
  • Wedding Card
  • Passport Size photograph
  • Nikahnama/Any marriage certificate from a religious place, translated in English on the letterhead of an Authorised Translator
  • Divorce decree if either spouse is a divorcee
  • Death certificate if the previous spouse is dead
  • Copy of official gazette if the name is changed after Marriage
  • Marital status certificate if either spouse is a foreign nationalWitnesses
  • Proof of residence of witnesses: Ration Card, Election Card, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Passport or Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card

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