Kanoon ko hanth me lenawe usually heard this line around us or many times we heard this in hindi movies which means taking law in hands or in other words doing unlawful activities such as mob lynching  by group of people or extra-judicial killing. Now a days these unlawful activities are very normal for countries like India. Often  encounters are done by governmental  authorities like police and after investigation these encounters many times found fake encounters which clearly means violation  of human rights. Violation of human rights are not at all acceptable in any country of the world specially in a democratic country like India.

What is Extra-judicial killings?

Extra-judicial  killing is also called extra-judicial execution which means that a person or an individual is killed by some governmental  authority without the sanction of any legal process or any judicial proceeding and we can also say that it takes place outside the authority of court or outside of any of the usual judicial proceedings . Often people are targeted because of caste, religion, race, financial status, political issues and sometimes personal issues for  Extra-judicial Killings. Extra-judicial killings are unlawful in its nature and most of the times its done by the state government or other state authorities like Police.  Democracy is based on  Rights of human beings and such Extra-judicial killings are curse for countries like India and its a violation in democracy.

What are the causes of extra-judicial killings?


    Political institutions are organizations which create, enforce, and apply law. They mediate conflict, make policies on economy and social system. If we talk about social institutions and its weaknesses then we got to know that population is out of control in our country , economy is going down, education system is not so good and people keep fighting on matters like religion, all these social institutions are weak and conflicts are normal amongst them and when they knock on the door of judicial system they found that there is delay in justice due to long judicial process which makes social institutions even more weak every single day. These are the reasons by which unlawful activities are increasing in India and extra-judicial killings is ruining democracy of our Nation.


    India is a country where corruption is at its peak and this one thing has affected our economy badly at central, state and local level and not only this held our economy back from reaching new heights, but rampant corruption has stunted the Nation’s growth. When corruption reaches to judiciary system it makes the judicial system ineffective and people don’t even get their human rights or basic rights that is what happening now a days in Indian judiciary system. There are so many pending cases, lack of transparency  in appointing judges and there is lack of interaction among people and courts which makes our judiciary system ineffective and such loopholes are main reasons behind extra-judicial killings in our Country.


It’s a famous said that “Justice delayed is justice denied” and long proceeding of Indian judicial

system proves that  this quotation is perfectly suitable in our current situation.