What is Appellate system:-

Appellate system is a judiciary system in which one always has an option to appeal in a higher level of court if they feel that the original court’s decision has not rendered justice to them and there is possibility that a higher lever court will do justice with them. In this Appellate judiciary system Supreme Court India is the last court where a person can appeal for justice or in any matter after High courts of states. So basically this part of the judiciary system is responsible for hearing and  for reviewing appeals and cases that are already heard in a trial- level or other low levels of courts. If you think that a trial court or a lower level court’s outcome is unsuccessful you may file an appeal to an Appellate court for reviewing its decision. In simple words Appellate court is where one can file appeal against lower court’s decision.

Appellate courts of India:-

  1. Supreme Court  of India is the Appellate court of High Courts of States/ Union Territories.
  2. High Courts of States/Union Territories are Appellate Courts of District Courts.

This Appellate judiciary system of India is distribution of power into different level so that every citizen of this country can get justice and live a life they deserve. The redressal of legal grievances involves three-tier hierarchical judicial machinery comprising the Apex court which is there in New Delhi  as the Highest court of the nation. High Courts which are situated in various States and Union Territories constitute the 2nd tier of this hierarchy in the descending order. All other court which are subordinated to their respective High Courts are the lower most and they are in every district of the States and Union Territories.