Most of us are aware of Fundamental Rights of Indian Constitution but when it comes to Fundamental Duties hardly we know about them now here you will get everything about fundamental duties every Indian should be aware of.

So basically Fundamental Duties are the moral obligations implied by the Indian Constitution for all the citizen of its territories. You can not get any thing for free or without doing any kinds of efforts in other words if law gives right to equality if has also given you certain duties which you have to perform. A person can’t expect to enjoy all the privileges and freedom under the law without  performing their corresponding fundamental duties.

When our Constitution was written these fundamental duties were not mentioned and originally all these fundamental duties were added by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Acts in 1976. There were 10 fundamental duties and 1 more has been added in 2002 by 86th Amendment Act so now there are 11 fundamental duties in India, and they are given in Part IV-A , Article 51-A of our Constitution also these were taken from USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). It helps to promote patriotism and to strengthen Unity in Diversity.

All 11  Fundamental Duties of our constitution:-

  1. Abide by the Constitution and respect national flag & National Anthem:- It is duty of every indian citizen to respect the national flag which is tricolor, national anthem which is jana mana gana, disrespect of any of them is illegal.
  2. Cherish and follow the noble ideals that inspired the national struggle for freedom:- This is our duty to respect every person who made us free from Britishers or who fought for our freedom. Freedom fighters should be our inspiration.
  3. Uphold and protect sovereignty  unity & integrity of India:- We all have to give priority to our nation and always protect its sovereignty, integrity, and unity.
  4. Defend the country and render national services when called upon to do so:- Whenever nation needs your service to defend the country you will have to give your services for Nation.
  5. Spirit of common brotherhood:- Every person should respect each others religious feelings or their should be feeling of harmony and to empower secularism every citizen should share common brotherhood and have to show unity in diversity.
  6. Value and preserve the rich heritage of the country’s composite culture:- We all have to protect our valuable and precious heritage such as heritage buildings, statues and historical places to save cultural composition of our country.
  7. Protect and preserve natural environment:- We have to give priority to our natural environment such as rivers, lakes, wildlife and forests etc. We need to protect them so that enrichment of our natural environment can be maintained.
  8. Develop scientific temper:- To develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.
  9. Safeguard public property:- All of us as citizen of India have to protect public properties and any kinds of damage to public property would be an illegal action.
  10. Strive for excellence:- To make our country’s developmental process achievable or to give speed to developmental process we all have to to give our best in that direction.
  11. Duty of all parents/guardians to send their children in the age group of 6-14 years to school:- Parents have to send their kids to school if they are between 6 to 14 years else it will be seen as an offence.