Special leave petition or SLP means that any individual/aggrieved party has  special permission to be heard in appeal against judgment of any high court or tribunal in the territory of India. This is not an appeal but a petition filed for an appeal  and on the basis of this SLP  the Apex Court may heard the matter  but only if it deems fit, court may grant the LEAVE, once the Supreme Court grants the LEAVE only then converts  petition into an APPEAL. When SLP become an appeal the court will hear the matter and will give a judgment accordingly. SLP  has a prime place in the Indian Judiciary System because it provides us a special permission to be heard by the Supreme Court of India in appeal against judgment  of any high court/ tribunal verdict of our country. In simple words SLP provides us an opportunity to file a petition to the Apex Court for an appeal against any injustice that has happened with us due to unjust decision of any lower court of India.

 Under following circumstances one can present SLP

  1. It can be filed against any decision, judgment, order or decree given by any High Court/ tribunal of Indian territory.
  2. It can be filed in such circumstances when High Court denies to grant the certificate of fitness for appeal to the Apex Court of India.

To file SLP time frame is required

  1. It should be filed within 90 days from the date of high courts order or against any judgment.
  2. And it should be filed to Apex Court within 60 days from the date a high court denies to grant the certificate of fitness.

Supreme Court grants leave to the cases which involve a question of law and not to errors of facts, mis-appreciation of evidence etc. It is only concerned about questions of law such as if the law has correctly applied or not? , the interpretation of law is in accordance with the settled principles of law or not?