Appellate System In India

What is Appellate system:- Appellate system is a judiciary system in which one always has an option to appeal in a higher level of court if they feel that the original court's decision has not rendered justice to them and there is possibility that a higher lever court will do justice with them. In this [...]

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Our Fundamental Duties

Most of us are aware of Fundamental Rights of Indian Constitution but when it comes to Fundamental Duties hardly we know about them now here you will get everything about fundamental duties every Indian should be aware of. So basically Fundamental Duties are the moral obligations implied by the Indian Constitution for all the citizen [...]

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Our Fundamental Rights

Fundamental rights in simple words:- Fundamental rights are those rights which are essential for survival of humans in a society or in a country. They are very important for intellectual, moral and spritual development of people of India as these are essential for existence and all-round development of a person that is why they are [...]

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Definition/ meaning Literal meaning of suo moto is on its own motion. Suo motu/moto is a Latin legal term, approximately equivalent to the term sua sponte. For example, it is used where a government agency acts on its own cognizance or any authority, usually a judicial authority or an authority exercising judicial or quasi judicial [...]

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Special Marriage Act in INDIA

India is a democratic country and is filled with diversities, people of different castes and religions are find here so they have different needs and requirements to live a peaceful life and for that our law makers had decided to give them rights which will never ruin this unity and diversity of people of this [...]

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